About Us

Our Motto:


Yes, women should always include "having more fun" into the hectic schedules that dictate most women's lives.

Here at FlirtyDivaTees we are also 100% positive the world would be a happier place if all women laughed

a lot more, stressed a lot less and took time to enjoy the benefits that humor could bring  into their lives.

Fun Apparel Found Here:

We are a website with "fun apparel for women". 

Women of any age and any shape or size.

We offer plus sizing (goddess sizing) too!

Our T Shirts express a mood, an attitude, a fitness goal, they have inspiring quotes for fighting illness,

rehabilitation and cancer, lots of heartfelt mom t shirts for celebrating motherhood, hilarious retirement gifts for

that special wacky co-worker and lots of hobby tees women enjoy wearing when they enjoy their favorite passions.    

Laugh a Little More:

We live to laugh, here, at the "flirtyfactory" of funny women's statement t shirts.

We use the word "funny" a lot around here, because we basically exist to encourage

women to get the most out of their lives by stressing less and laughing more.

Why not come and look around through the many categories of funny quote t shirts

on the website and see if we really mean it.

We Give Back:

FlirtyDivaTees also enjoys contributing to women's empowerment groups locally by

donating to these  groups that help women who are entering back into the workforce.

We enjoy our affiliation with these groups because "our mission" is all about helping all women

improve the quality of their lives and to get the most out of what their lives can be, with love and laughter.