"Cancer you Picked the Wrong Bitch- Cancer Walk T Shirt"

Cancer you Picked the Wrong Bitch-Breast Cancer Walk T Shirt

Breast Cancer walk t shirt, wear this fun and empowering t shirt for all Cancer Events. It's a shirt everyone loves to wear, choose this funny t shirt if you are fighting this illness. It's one of our most popular cancer march tees. You'll enjoy the comments you'll get when you wear Cancer You Picked The Wrong Bitch tee shirt from flirtydivatees.com©
 Be unique and outspoken, let others know your "taking this challenge on". This shirt gets the award for "Best Cancer Walk Tee", not like the average store bought regular cancer walk tees, this one has ATTITUDE! If you want to stand out in the crowd of cancer walk tees, you should consider this funny breast cancer tee shirt! It's a WINNER!

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