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We make customized tee shirts and personalized tee shirts here at Flirty Diva Tees customized online store for reunions, clubs, events and just for yourself or as a great gift for a friend. Other customized t shirts online have managed to complicate the process of making a custom t shirt online cheap, but here at FlirtyDivaTees IT'S SO EASY! Just follow these 5 simple quick steps.

FlirtyDivaTees is the easy place to come for customized tee shirts and personalized tee shirts. You can create your personalized customized tee shirts online  in 3 minutes or less in our exclusive Custom Made Online T-Shirt Workshop!


Follow these easy steps by filling in the boxes above:

Step 1. What size do you need the customized personalized tee shirts to be created in?

Step 2. What style of shirt would you like?

Choose style
#1 Looser Fitting Women's t shirts (choose this one if you like a looser fitting tee) OR
#2 Soft Style Women's t shirts (choose this one if you like a fitted body hugging style).
* We encourage you to consult our sizing chart for your best style and fit.
* Click the link (pink link above) to visit our sizing chart it will be very helpful to find your best fit and style.

Step 3. What color choice do you want your customized t shirt to be created in? Choose this from the drop down bar above.

Step 4. What font style do you want your women's customized t shirts to be created in? Look at the various type font choices to the left and choose the corresponding number, 1 thru 8 from the drop down bar.
PLEASE NOTE: If you want words to appear in CAPS please choose block lettering and not a script type font. Examples of block fonts are sample 1,3,5,6,7

Step 5. Do you want to have words on the front and back of your customized t shirt design? 

It's that easy to make your very own original Custom Tee Shirt for any occasion. You can really express yourself! Great for all groups, clubs, teams, college dorms, reunions bridal party, bride and groom, bachelorette party. This is your headquarters to create a personalized customized t shirt and your very own custom created clothing. Be a tee shirt artist and create a t shirt online at FlirtyDivaTees for a reunion, for your clubs, bridal parties...anything!


Create your customized ladies t shirt with our easy custom t shirt template!
Please note your women's customized t shirts will be created exactly as typed, so be sure to double check spelling, Please check punctuation and capitalization. Your personalized tee shirts are not returnable.

Our women's customized t shirts, personalized tee shirts have been selectively chosen for these reasons, high quality, & fashionable feminine styling.

Other companies are selling screen printed tee shirts,and screen printing is a thick paint process, over time and washing, those customized t shirts and personalized tee shirts will fade and crack. Our very affordable custom tee shirts, and personalized tee shirts are done through an entirely different process. Our customizable tees are created with a soft to the touch vinyl lettering process, the words are heat applied permanently and forever to the custom tee shirt.

They will not crack, fade, or peel off, the words on the custom tee shirts will last indefinitely, it won't matter how many times you wash your custom tee shirt. You will love the quality. Create a personalized tee shirt at FlirtyDivaTees Workshop!

Create a ladies customized t shirt in no time.

Other customized t shirt company's selling online, have somehow managed to make the process of creating customized t shirts sooo complicated. But here at Flirty Diva Tees we have streamlined it to be simple, fun, affordable and done in 5 really easy steps.

We know you have better things to do with your having fun in your Ladies Customized T Shirt that you created. Do you have a friend that you know would like customized t shirt? They make great gifts.

The best ladies custom t shirts online, we sell the easiest way to create customized personalized t shirts for women. Shop here for the best customized t shirts for women.

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