Everytime you call me a bitch I laugh because I knew that years ago

Every time You Call Me A Bitch, I Laugh Because I Knew That Years Ago - Mean Girl T Shirts

A Mean Girls T shirt for the Bitchiest of the Bitchy Broads out there. When you live to bitch this t shirt adds to the whole Bitch persona you are trying to achieve. Own your bitchy-ness, claim it and embrace it. It's simply who you are. It works for you or why do it? Be a little bitchy, it's good for your health, it's like a daily vitamin pill, and if you don't bitch everyday, you'll loose your skilled technique for bitching. Lord knows you wouldn't want that to happen. Bad Girls and Nasty Girls pride themselves in being a bitch. You're a Bitch you know you are and you like it that way. It's just who you are...to certain people. When you're around that person your "BITCH" just comes out to play. Funny Bitches, Girls Apparel. Women enjoy wining and bitching. You're called bitch for a reason, but you can be so sweet to others, it's just around the people who insist on pushing your buttons. This cute bitchy girl tee shirt will be so much fun to wear around the people who piss you off the most. And by the way, you wouldn't be so BITCHY, if they didn't insist on ticking you off.

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