I'm From New Jersey We Don't Keep Calm - Jersey Girls T Shirt

I'm From New Jersey We Don't Keep Calm - Jersey Girls T Shirt.

Jersey Girls like drama, they're  known to be so nice they will take the t shirt right off their back and give it to you but...they tend to be LOUD, and definitely NOT CALM. FlirtyDivaTees® sexy printed tee with funny statement for Girls from this Great State. Women's quality saying t shirts in lots of awesome colors and sizes.To know a Jersey Girl is to know "The Real Deal." When you meet her, you've met an interesting creature. She's probably going to make you wish you had met her before, they're fascinating women! Don't believe us? Just go to New Jersey, you won't be sorry. They love to have a good time, they love drinking beer, eating pizza and they have a sense of style, Jersey Style! Jersey Girls are known to have a mouth, they're noted for saying just what they mean. They usually greet you with their nice cheerful laugh .Bottom line, they are down to earth and "real" with their feelings. Being friends with a gal from New Jersey means you've got someone who will stay your friend through thick and thin. They're loyal and extremely generous, it's no wonder there are many TV shows about this little gem of a State and the girls who call New "Joisey" their home.

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