Because I Said So - Mommy T Shirt

Because I said so - Printed Mommy T Shirt 

Mom Tee "That's it, it's over, don't ask me again."

Oh, the things we have to do as moms, but the words on this mommy tee shirt when spoken, usually get the job done, so that's why we put them on a mommy tee shirt! Just get up everyday and put this comfy mommy tee shirt on and your work will be done. Just say to the kids...READ MY MOMMY TEE SHIRT! A popular Printed Mommy T shirt for all stressed out moms who are tired of repeating themselves a zillion times a day. This cute truthful effective mommy tee shirt will be an absolute favorite to any mom who's lucky enough to get this mommy tee shirt as a gift. We suggest getting a couple of these mommy tee shirts, one for a mom friend and one for yourself! Please refer to the drop down bars for size, color, style options.

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