Ommmmmm - Ladies Meditation Yoga Tee

Ommmmmm - Ladies Meditation Yoga Tee Shirt - Kundalini Yoga

The minute you slip this calming Ladies meditation, well being yoga tee over your head you will feel more relaxed, centered, ready for your yoga workout, the true definition some say ommm is "the vibration of the Cosmic Motor." Others in your class will feel it's calming power too. Makes a great gift for a Kundalini Yoga Teacher or someone who is practicing this fitness routine for optimum health and well being. "Audible utterance of aum produces a sense of sacredness...however, real understanding of aum is obtained only by hearing it internally and then becoming one with it in all creation."

Aum is a way of deepening the concentration of the mind, which leads to realization of the divine. The mantra aum may be sounded aloud, whispered, or repeated mentally. The correct pronunciation of aum is to pronounce it om so it rhymes with home.

It is said that 12,000 recitations of aum remove all sins, while 12,000 recitations daily for a period of one year bring realization of the Absolute (brahman). If that seems a little overwhelming, simple try chanting aum in your daily meditation and let the incredible power of sound and vibration work for you. Aum will bring your mind to a singular (yet universal) focus. Or use it during your yoga class. By practicing this calming routine each day you will look forward to those concluding meditative moments of harmonizing voices — not just because it signals an end to the torture (as practice seems on some days) but because it leaves you with a feeling of oneness. 

The exercise that some call "beautifully simple." Find your way to a more calm and centered life and enjoy this ommmmmm yoga workout tee just for your yoga sessions.

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