One Of The Nerd Herd-Nerd Saying Tee

one of the nerd herd - For Smart Girls

Are you one of the nerd herd? For all of the academic over achievers on campus this T is for you. Be proud to be a nerd. You are a geek and there is no denying it. One of the nerd herd means there are more than just you who can call themselves a nerd, so all you nerds just need to stick together and talk calculus or crunch some crazy numbers or figure out some complicated equations together for thrills, what ever floats your nerdy boat.

*Nerd clubs are popping up all over, so don't let the girls with the balloons tied to their wrists get you down, you'll make much more money than they ever will when you graduate and enter the real world. Be Proud of Your Brains!


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