protected by the good lord and a gun message t shirt

Protected by the Good Lord and a gun - Women's Printed Tee Shirt

Protected by the Good Lord and a gun. Women's printed tee shirts celebrating the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms. FlirtyDivaTees® for a selection of quality ladies gun shirts with gun expression sayings, women will love. Being and feeling protected by the Good Lord, is a blessing, and believe us when we say it is a feeling of divine intervention when God protects us. Having a gun is an added bonus, and in today's world it may just be a good idea to arm yourself, especially if you live alone. Women's Self Defense lesson number 1. Learn how to handle a gun. Lesson 2. Use it if necessary. Don't be an unnecessary casualty.  Gun lessons for Women are being taught all over America, seek out classes near you and learn how to protect yourself if it becomes necessary.

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