"I Thought Growing Old Would Take Longer Retirement Gift"

I Thought Growing Old Would Take Longer Retirement Gift

For the over the hill friend who is in never never land, she "thought" growing old would take a lot longer, but here she is, aging and...getting OLD! She also has a great sense of humor about this inevitable aging process that the elderly have to deal with. A terrific gift for an old aging boomer lady, a soon to be retired woman or for the fun loving senior friend who likes who they are and has no surrounding issues with getting older, in fact she, out of everyone, is handling it the best. She'll love this cute fun retirement aged, ladies tee, for her 50th, or 60th and beyond birthdays. This t shirt is a favorite for a girls weekend away tee, customers are getting one for for all the ladies on the trip! That and a case of WINE and a case of BEER, and you've got one great memorable weekend making memories with your gal friends! 

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