Slogan Tee Shirt - Can You Afford Me? - Saying T-Shirt

Can You Afford Me? - Slogan Tee Shirts - Saying T-Shirt

It's tough when you arer such a classy rich lady that you come with a rather high price tag, but that's OK because you are worth every penny of expense. And you don't even want to consider the men that aren't prepared to "Pony Up" for your affection. Our classy Rich Ladies Tee Shirt with Can You Afford Me? Question Tee shirt is one that attracts the right crowd. Only the wealthy should bother taking up a rich ladies time. You may have high expectations for the men you will entertain the thought of going out with, but you are worth it. Can you afford me? Our classy Rich Ladies tee shirts for fun at clubs, bars and parties, beach fun and summer fun too. Ladies enjoy this fun tee shirt. Pare it up with a classy pair of sexy jeans and you will look expensive and sooo worth the attention you'll receive in this classy rich ladies tee shirt with this sexy saying, Can you afford me?

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