Vegetarian and Earth Tees for Women Living A Natural Life Cool tees for Vegans Environmental Tees

Are you a women who chooses a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle?

Express your choice to be a vegetarian and live a meat free life with our cool tees for vegetarian and vegan created just for women who like this way of living. We felt you should have a selection of vegetarian vegan t-shirts that support you in this choice. Our vegetarian vegan tees express in words and thoughts just what you are choosing to do. You are stating a belief and a regard for all living creatures with vegetarian vegan t shirts from flirtydivatees. Wearing a t-shirt to express your views about your vegetarian life choice may help to encourage others to make this wise and thoughtful decision. Wearing our vegetarian vegan clothing t-shirts says you are an advocate of all living things. Choose a few of our vegetarian vegan and Environmental Tees selections here to make a statement about your beliefs, that all living creatures have a right to live and breath.

Living A Natural Life

It seems that it is in mans nature to live a spiritual lifestyle. We need very much to live a meaningful life and therefore we look to find purpose in our lives. Religion is simply a system devised to live your life according to the meaning that you have envisioned for your life. Others find the structure of organized religion to be stifling. They find that going into nature is the best way to get in touch with the spirit. It seems that the trees, and the grass and flowers never lose sight of their purpose. In the same way, nature helps us get in touch with our inner spirit that never forgets.

Lessons From Nature

© Linda I watch the waves crash in, breaking on the shore
All their anger dispensed on the oceans floor
I look at the sky so blue, sun shining so bright

Spreading heat and happiness with its blinding light
Long blades of grass swaying in the gentle breeze
Dancing in rhythm with so much ease
Look up at the trees hearing the singing of the birds
Happily chirping singing at ease without words

Sitting here holding my knees to my chest
Watching and hearing nature at it s best

I ponder how Nature could get it so right
When we have let Natures lessons get so out of sight
We hold our anger, let our happiness slip away
Making our survival a struggle each and every day
We have forgotten the little things that mean so much
Like the laughter, the freedom, and someone’s loving touch
If only I could make people stop, watch and listen to Natures tale
We could all sit back happily and our world would not be so frail
In each others existence in harmony we could all survive
I’m sure like the sun, wind, tree, and birds our lives we could revive
If only we let nature take its course in each and every one of us each day and night
As I sit and ponder how Nature got it so right and we lost all sight. *Environmentally conscious clothing for women only at
  • You will love the quality
  • They make great gifts too!
  • They're 100% cotton, so soft, such nice quality.
  • The quality is far better than screen printed tees, we produce the words on our tees with a super soft vinyl process and the lettering never fades or cracks. We guarantee it!


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